Isla Majolina is a planetary battle scenario. 

The dominators have invaded what is claimed to be a lifeless and absolutely useless piece of rock, but in reality, the government is trying to distract public attention from the place with special shows and anti-advertising campaigns.  It is really a test area for secret development, for a pilotless stealth aircraft, but as the dominators don't watch the evening news, they have invaded and captured the useless piece of rock.

The government broadcast the live battle to the planet using the invisible stealth planes, showing that there was nothing of interest on the island - especially since any stealth planes on the island were invisible as they were destroyed.

While the government dis promise 1,000,000 credits, you only get the standard fee for completing planetary battles (claiming various tax deductions, etc.)


This battle map is rather compact, with the four combatants being close to each other.  The only significant feature is a sub-island in the south-east containing a decoration.

Because of the compact nature of the map, and that the enemies aren't as agressive in this level compared to others, it shouldn't be too difficult.  You can also easily setup choke points against incoming attacks as well, because of the limited paths available to the dominators.