The Maloq government representative that will interact with the player on their planets

Maloqs are one of the playable races in the Space Rangers series. The Maloqs are likely the biggest of all the races, as they are shown to usually be strong, tall and wide. Their ships and their symbol is red. Their symbol is red with a black, pointy insignia in the middle.

The race is born on a hot desert planet. Throughout its development, the Maloq civilization was at constant wars with climate, monsters, deserts and each other.  With such an environment, they have grown a cult of strenght and natural selection has made them excellent warriors.  In these conditions, reflexes and raw power are more important than intellect and knowledge, making scientists and support workers the lowest of Maloq castes.  There are no cultural valurs or events beyond numerous competitions and military parades.

Maloq socity has a simple cast structure of a meritocracy - combat prowess is valued above all else.  The highest caste is officers and veterens, followed by soldiers, then military medics and technicians.  The rest of the workers and peasants are despised by warriors but are only tolerated as life without them would be more difficult. 

Playing as a MaloqEdit


Initial Maloq Fighter Ship

The initial Maloq Fighter ship, cargo space, and financial condition

"Bad relations with Faeyans and Gaalians. A well-armed Maloq ship. Financial condition is poor," in-game description.


Initial Maloq Mercenary Ship

The initial Maloq Mercenary ship, cargo space, and financial condition

"Excellent relations with Pelengs and Humans. Open hostilities with Faeyans and Gaalians. The ship is ideally armed," in-game description.


Initial Maloq Merchant Ship

The initial Maloq Merchant ship, cargo space, and financial condition

"Large, good quality hull. The equipment is outdated. Good relations with all races . Financial condition is average," in-game description. 


Initial Maloq Corsair Ship

The initial Maloq Corsair ship, cargo space, and financial condition

"A small but menacing ship with excellent equipment. Outlawed on Faeyan and Gaalian planets," in-game description.


Initial Maloq Pirate Ship

The initial Maloq Pirate ship, cargo space, and financial condition

"A light and fast Maloq ship. Good sized credit account. Awful relations with Pelengs and Faeyans," in-game description. 

Maloqs in jailEdit

Sometimes the Maloq inmates will interact with you, doing this like:

Betting you can't do an amount of pushups- The Maloq will doubt a strong inmate and will bet you you can't do 500 pushups. If you are truly strong, you will succeed and get 100 credits.

Asking for help to find treasure- You may seem eager at first to get credits in jail, but this is a trick. Refuse and you will keep your dignity and your reputation will raise along the guards and inmates.

Attacking a nurse- Two Maloqs and a Peleng will sometimes try to force themselves on a nurse, and you walk in. If you are strong, you can fight them off, actually killing them. You can also simply walk away.

Fighting contests- They will hold a fighting contest when it is concert time, were the player could watch, participate, or show off. If you show off you will likely be thrown out, the Maloqs in jail are only interested in fighting.


  • Maloqs are featured in text quest Banket, where you have to impress a traditional Maloq prince, along with his wife who dislikes normal Maloq culture.