Military Station

A Military Station

Military bases are space stations  that appear in the Space Rangers Series. Onboard, the player is able to:
Military Base interior-Maloq

A military base's interior with a Maloq representative

Military Base interior-Peling

A military base's interior with a Peling representative

  • Enquire about the progress in military activity
  • Request a statement of how many points are required to advance in Ranger Rank. Furthermore, the station representative will present the player with a list of how valuable the destruction of individual Dominator ships, the value of the destruction of any pirate ship (including ranger pirates), and the points for the assistance in liberating a system that has been conquered by Dominators
  • Request a repair of the player's ship

Starting with Space Rangers 2, the player can additionally perform the following:

  • Order a military operation
  • Sponsor the base's development
  • Purchase a unique ship. However, note that there are certain prequisites in place when enquiring about the ship. At a military base these often consist of: a certain ranger ranking, a certain general ranking, and a number of pirates destroyed.


  • The base's representative will always be a Peleng or Maloq, most likely due to the fact that they are the most enthusiastic about combat of the five Coalition species.