Olympic Games is a Space Rangers 2 text quest.  It involves a competition "Coach Clerks Unlimited" where you have five contestants to get the best results. 


You have five contestants provided for your team, each with individual rtings in IQ (Iike-Baana), Knowledge (Encyclopedica), Strength (Wrestling), Craftiness (Plumpush), and Creativity (Energy Modeling).  This appears to be on a scale of 0-15.  These stats are initially set so that the number of points in each stat is "balanced" - that is, the total number of points in each category is the same.

You need to determine the stats of each character, using sparring tests.  You have 14 sparring sessions, which can be used to help determine the stats of each of the contestants - three sparring games involve two players, while tests for Encyclopedica and Energy Modeling only need one.  If you run out of sparring sessions, you may be able to bribe the peleng for additional sessions (50 cr each), although there is still a secondary limit.

Characters are subject to fatigue.  If their stamina is below 100%, their performance is likewise degraded. 

In the evening, you can assign missions to your contestants.  They may either rest to regain stamina, or train an attribute at the cost of stamina.  In addition, you can visit the recreation bar (25 cr) to see if there is someone willing to train one of your contestants even more.

As part of the contest, the first five days have game that test a single attribute.  The sixth day has dual-attribute tests - the lower attribute will have a great impact on how well the contestant performs.  You generally have the booklet that gives you which game is upcoming, thus you should plan out how you will assign your clerks.

The objective is to score more points than the opposing team. However, if you beat a certain threshold (124 points), you will also receive a bonus for breaking the record.