Pachvarash is a text quest in Space Rangers 2.  Here, the ranger is put in a virtual reality simulation where an animal becomes a leader of the village.

It is considered an ancient sacred Peleng tradition, simply because it is 300 years old (compared to 100 years for other traditions.) 


To win, you need to become a powerful pachvarash.  This is proven by one of the following:

  • Having 100 hg of weight, have a 50 ar deep burrow, and having 50% respect.
  • Obtain 5 scalps, then beat the Pachvarash chief. 

You can perform the following tasks:

  • Fight.  You can choose a weak opponent, or strong opponent.  You generally want your weight to be 30-50 for a weak opponent, or higher for a strong one.
  • Eat.  You can choose grass near the burrow, or head to the meadow. The former tens to have less healthy grass, while the meadow is more likely to have challengers. 
  • Dig.  You can dig slowly, or risk more fatigue by digging rapidly. Note that the burrow will gradually shrink if you don't dig.  
  • Rest.  This generally recovers health.

In general, you want to keep your parameters balanced, or focus on a specific parameter when it starts becoming critical.