Standard equipment includes engine, fuel tank, radar, scanner, droid, cargo hook and pro-field generator. All this a player can buy in any equipment shop and install in their ship. In the shop you can also buy a hull, a container, inside which the other equipment is installed.

Each type of equipment has the following characteristics: Modification/effect, weight, race manufacturer, cost and tier. The more developed the race the produced the item, the more expensive it is and the longer it will work without repair.

The hierarchy of race advancement (from least to most) is as follows

The item tier determines the effectiveness of the item.  In Space Rangers, it is represented by a color code at the bottom-right of the item (only in the shop), starting at Cyan and proceeding through Blue, Purple, Red, up to Black , while Space Rangers 2 shows a set of eight pips.  

With the exception of the Weapons, there are no differences in equipment behavior between Arcade Mode and when in a star system.

Note: Values listed are the minimum and maximum unmodifed values for each type. Compiling these values is an ongoing project, feel free to contribute additional or updated information --RoseLegion 05:04, June 22, 2012 (UTC)

Hulls Edit

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The hull itself represents a ranger’s ship. The most important characteristic is it’s size. The ship durability (Hit Points) and it’s space (which is used for equipping gear and as cargo space) is equal to it’s size. During the game a player and his ship are one, as when the ship hit points reach zero it will blow up resulting in a game over.

Unlike other equipment a player cannot sell the present hull but he can buy a new one. In this case the old hull will be sold automatically.

Upgrades from Science Bases can only improve the armor rating of the hull.

Item Name Hull Points Armor
Titanium 283-568 1-1
Rhenium 282-599 3-3
Selenine 287-604 5-5
Aquadane 294-566 7-7
Octaplaxic 428-661 9-9
Crystalline xxx-xxx 11-11
Gravicore xxx-xxx 13-13
Mesostructural xxx-xxx 15-15

Equipment modifications HD Edit

Name Bonus Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Droid repair



Engine Speed













Pygamore Missile Weapons

Shield Generator

Radar Range









Myoplasmic Energy weapons

Fragmentation weapons

Engine speed









Energy weapons

Fragmentation weapons

Firing range












Transcendental Shield generator

Ship mass





Upgraded Grippler range












Engine Edit

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An Engine ensures moving in space and hyperspace. No fuel is consumed during normal flight while hyperspace jumps consume 1 unit per parsec. Engines determine your base in system flight speed and maximum hyperspace jump range.

Upgrades from Science Bases can improve maximum speed or parsec range.

Item Name Speed Parsec Range Weight
Reactor 400-400 21-21 20-100
Phaase 450-450 24-24 20-100
Impact 500-500 26-26 20-100
Cryogenic 600-600 31-31 20-100
Plasma 700-700 36-36 20-100
Energenic 800-800 41-41 20-100
Diviory 900-900 45-45 20-100
Singularial 1000-1000 50-50 20-100

For Space Rangers 2:

Item Name Speed Parsec Range Weight Price
Branchiaeduse engine 500 21 61 4960
Splash-type engine 700 29 48 15270

Fuel Tanks Edit

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Fuel tanks are necessary to store fuel. The more fuel is stored in fuel tanks, the more distant hyperjumps the ship can perform without refueling. When the ship runs out of fuel it can only travel within the current star system.

Upgrades from Science Bases can improve maximum fuel capacity.

Item Name Fuel Capacity Weight
Static 20-20 20-100
Accumulating 30-36 20-100
Vortex 45-49 20-100
Correlative 46-57 20-100
Synchrophasal 43-43 20-100
Archivatory xx-xx 20-100
Aquadotted xx-xx 20-100
Hyperliquid xx-xx 20-100

Radar Edit

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Radar allows a player to see different objects in space (planets, stations, ships, salvage) and determine their most important characteristics - such as size, speed, modification, etc. Radar information is reflected on the radar panel. The ranges of a radar depends on its type (and applicable upgrades if any).

Upgrades from Science Bases can improve maximum range of the radar's field of vision.

Item Name Range Weight
Vision 1500 15-100
Animating 2000 15-100
Fanner 2500 15-100
Full raster 3500 15-100
Sonating 4000 15-100
Relativistic 4500 15-100
Subtransfer 5000 15-100

Scanner Edit

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Scanners enable a ship to view the inside of another ship, providing a readout on it’s statistics. Such knowledge is very useful when fighting as a player knows his enemies exact power. To scan the ship is possible if the scanner is more powerful than the pro-field of the scanned ship. Scanner power depends on it’s type.

Upgrades from Science Bases can improve scan %.

Item Name Scan % Weight
Analogue 6-6 15-100
Bi-polar 11-11 15-100
Techrane 16-16 15-100
Programming 21-21 15-100
Duplex 26-26 15-100
Meridian 31-31 15-100
Tracing 36-36 15-100
Vortex 41-41 15-100

Force field generator Edit

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Force field generators will block a percentage of the damage dealt to the equipped ship.

Upgrades from Science Bases can improve the percentage of damaged blocked.

Item Name Dmg. block % Weight
Point 5 20-100
Beam 10 20-100
Anti-measured 15 20-100
Dispersing 20 20-100
Holographic 25 20-100
Staging 30 20-100
Screening 35 20-100
Octogenic 40 20-100

In Space Rangers 2, they are called protection field generators.

Item Protection % Weight Price
Mesh-type protection generator 20 40-67 5890-7460

Cargo hook Edit

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A device that allows a ship to pull in free floating cargo in both hyperspace clots and while off planet in a star system.

If you drop your cargo hook in space, you will not be able to pick it back up. Even if you are stopped right on top of it.

Upgrades from Science Bases can improve maximum capture weight of the cargo hook.

Item Name Size captured Weight
Magnetic 40 20-100
Seleroid 50 20-100
Pseudo-vacuum 60 20-100
Tracking 80 20-100
Electrogenic 90 20-100
Cryometric 100 20-100
Activator 150 20-100
Telekinetic 500 20-100

Repair Droid Edit

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Repair droids continuously repair a ship's hull by the amount stated in the description window, each turn. Unfortunately a droid does not repair equipment and will not repair a hull past its maximum hull points.

Science bases will increase the amount of hull replenished per turn for a price.

Item Name HP restored  Weight
Railing 5 20-100
Hinged 10 20-100
Pneumatic 15 20-100
Dynamic 20 20-100
Matrix 30 20-100
Cybernetic 40 20-100
Biotic 50 20-100
Suspension 60 20-100

Weapons Edit

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A ship has five weapon slots. The weapons fire in order from the top slot on the ship screen down to the bottom slot at the beginning of the turn. All selected weapons will fire at their assigned and in range targets once per turn. Depending on how a weapon has been assigned a target, it may lose its lock when the target is out of range and will not automatically lock on during the next turn.

Upgrading at a Science Base will increase the weapon's range, minimum damage, or maximum damage. There are three differently price options. They will always be successful but the higher the cost the greater the improvement.

"I have seen on occasion in Equipment shops weapons with a plus or minus sign on the damage. Usually for only a few points. I've not gotten this result when upgrading my own equipment though." Ellwoodblues
These weapons can be found from destroyed ships, purchased from Equipment shops, and sometimes as a reward for an increase in military rank.

Item Name Damage Range Notes
Photon gun Low Medium
Industrial laser Low Medium Destroys asteroids/minerals allowing for the highest units of minerals for pickup.
Zip gun Medium Short
Graviton beamer Medium Long
Keller's phaser High Short
Retractor None Extreme Temporarily Slows target ship by a percentage of its maximum speed.
X-defibrillator Medium Medium Damages internal equipment by a percentage. Possibly damages hull.
Aeonic blaster High Long
Submesonic gun High Medium
Field annihilator High Medium Damages all ships around target in an area roughly equal to the radius of a cargo hook.
Tachyeon cleaver High Extreme
Vortex projector High Medium

There are three additional weapons that are only found, rarely, after a Klissan craft is destroyed.

Item Name Damage Range Notes
Ultimate matrix Medium Short Damages internal equipment by a percentage. Possibly damages hull.
Infernal wave Medium High Damages all ships around target in an area roughly equal to the radius of a cargo hook.
Eyes of Machpella High Extreme Only dropped by the largest of Kliss ships.
This information is pulled, with slight modifications, from the on disk help manual for Space Rangers 1.  
Some of the item names are different in game than from the English help/manual on the Space Rangers 1 disk.
There are statements made in the on disk manual that need to be evaluated.

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